FL PowerBall Oct 01 2022 Results – Florida Lottery | Winning Numbers

FL PowerBall Oct 01 2022 Results

FL PowerBall Oct 01 2022 Results– The Florida Lottery Division of Security Agency disclosed the Florida Lottery Powerball Drawings. Furthermore, you can see winning numbers and live drawing results today for this evening of Saturday. Perpetually, The Florida Lottery conducts FL PowerBall live drawings Saturday, Monday, and Wednesday at 10:59 p.m., ET. Lottery Tickets for the Evening live drawing can be obtained roughly 10 minutes before time to exclusive drawing time period, which is 10:49 p.m, ET for the Florida PowerBall Oct 01 2022 drawing.

You can confront the Florida PowerBall Winning Numbers and jackpots for a particular evening on Saturday, Oct 01 2022. By the same token, you can acquire FL PowerBall Lottery exclusive drawing results, Paying-outs, jackpot amounts, histories, and information or details about FL PowerBall Oct 01 2022 Results.

Congratulations FL PowerBall Oct 01 2022 Winners

Here are the most current Florida PowerBall Results for Saturday, Oct 01 2022, disclosed by Florida Lottery Authority.

FL PowerBall Oct 01 2022 Results




Get Fastest FL PowerBall Oct 01 2022 Results Summary

The table contains the conclusive synopsis of the Florida PowerBall lottery draws which are held on Saturday, Oct 01 2022:

DateBlack BallsRed Balls

Power Play

Saturday, Oct 01, 2022821226569262x$322 Million

Florida Double Play Oct 01, 2022

DateFlorida Double PlayRed Balls
Saturday, Oct 01, 202212443536318

Check Florida Powerball Past Winning Numbers

Next FL Powerball live Draw:

Oct 03 2022 Monday exactly at 10:59 PM ET.

FL Powerball Oct 01 2022 Jackpot Prize: $322 Million.

Analyze additional common Florida lotteries and exclusive drawing results for Saturday, Oct 01 2022 of FL Jackpot Triple Play, FL Mega MillionsFL Cash4Life, FL Fantasy 5, and more. Keep in mind that Florida PowerBall is also known as FL PowerBall Lotto. The winning numbers results on this specific page for this particular day are indistinguishable from the FL Powerball Oct 01 2022 Lotto Results on Saturday.

Track down here Today Florida PowerBall Oct 01 2022 Lottery Winning Numbers for Saturday, and the former 30 days’ winning numbers. You must look over further about 7, 10, and 60 days of exclusive drawings data of winning numbers of the Florida PowerBall Lottery. The table has spotted the Drawing dates, days, past winning numbers, jackpot prizes, and the number of winners for the particular date and day as of today (Saturday, Oct 01, 2022).

Moreover, have a look at FL PowerBall lottery winning numbers, numbers of top-scorers, and jackpot awarding for Oct 01 2022, and for the last week, last month, and also the last year in the table below.

Florida PowerBall Past 30 Days Winning Numbers

Drawing DateLottery NamePast Winning NumbersPowerballPower Play
01 Oct 2022FL PowerBall 821226569262x
28 Sep 2022FL PowerBall 10-67-33-24-06113x
26 Sep 2022FL PowerBall 31-33-13-20-49203x
24 Sep 2022FL PowerBall 3-21-29-24-9142x
21 Sep 2022FL PowerBall 33-34-6-54-4572x
19 Sep 2022FL PowerBall71536466772x
17 Sep 2022FL PowerBall05-25-36-61-5113x
12 Sep 2022FL PowerBall66-14-34-6-16253x
10 Sep 2022FL PowerBall56-68-38-42-6942x
07 Sep 2022FL PowerBall3-33-16-30-36203x
05 Sep 2022FL PowerBall4-7-55-32-66252x
03 Sep 2022FL PowerBall18-27-65-49-6992x
31 Aug 2022FL PowerBall24-19-7-8-2812x
29 Aug 2022FL PowerBall69-61-43-13-36183x
27 Aug 2022FL PowerBall2-65-60-18-56143x
24 Aug 2022FL PowerBall37-35-6-24-44224x
22 Aug 2022FL PowerBall12-55-67-27-3692x
20 Aug 2022FL PowerBall16-11-9-66-572x
17 Aug 2022FL PowerBall41-23-55-50-28242x
15 Aug 2022FL PowerBall20-50-47-63-24052x
13 Aug 2022FL PowerBall43-35-24-62-19210x
10 Aug 2022FL PowerBall68-59-61-44-29192x
08 Aug 2022
FL PowerBall58-45-51-57-32122x
06 Aug 2022
FL PowerBall15-8-46-56-6832x
01 Aug 2022
FL PowerBall31-65-36-15-21163


5-of-5 + PB0$322 Million
4-of-5 + PB0$50,000.001$100,000.00
3-of-5 + PB49$100.0019$200.00
2-of-5 + PB1,394$7.00447$14.00
1-of-5 + PB10,564$4.003,399$8.00
0-of-5 + PB24,646$4.007,832$8.00

Florida Double Play

5-of-5 + PB010,000,000.00
4-of-5 + PB0$50,000.00
3-of-5 + PB20$500.00
2-of-5 + PB374$20.00
1-of-5 + PB2,306$10.00
0-of-5 + PB5,004$7.00

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Source: For More updates and information on Florida – FL PowerBall Oct 01 2022 Lottery Payouts and Federal tax obligations visit here given website www.irs.gov.

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