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The Florida Lottery Pick 2 Midday is an online lottery game, that is played daily, at midday. It offers a daily chance to play and win. You can get Florida Pick 2 Midday Lottery online or from an authorized Florida Lottery retailer.

It is the game that you can play today and get paid today. You can win the $50 jackpot by playing a $1 Straight play, or increase your chances of winning with Box, Straight/Box, or Front/Back Number play. Just choose your lucky numbers and play it your way any day.

FL PICK 2 MIDDAY drawings are held daily, seven days per week, at around 1:30 p.m. Tickets for this drawing may be purchased up to 13 minutes prior to the related drawing – 1:17 p.m., ET for the midday drawing.

FL Pick 2 Midday Dec 23 2022 Results – Florida Lottery | Winning Numbers


FL Pick 2 Midday Dec 23 2022 Results

FL Pick 2 Midday Dec 23 2022 Results – The Florida Lottery Division of Security Agency disclosed the Pick 2 lottery Florida Drawings. Furthermore, you can see winning numbers and live drawing results today for this Midday on Friday. Perpetually, The Florida Lottery conducts Pick 2 Midday Florida live drawings regularly at 01:30 p.m., ET. So, Lottery Tickets for the Midday live drawing can be obtained roughly 13 minutes before the time to exclusive drawing time period, which is 01:17 p.m., ET for the Florida Pick 2 Midday Dec 23 2022 drawing.

Keep visiting for any information related to the Florida Lottery results, and winning numbers. If you are searching for FL Pick 2 Midday Dec 23 2022 Results and Winning Numbers. Then you are in the right place. Here, you can easily confront the Florida Pick 2 Midday Friday, Dec 23 2022 Winning Numbers and jackpots. By the same token, you can acquire FL Pick 2 Midday Lottery exclusive drawing results, Payouts, jackpot amounts, and histories. In addition, you can get complete information or details about FL Pick 2 Midday Dec 23 2022 Results.

Congratulation FL Pick 2 Midday Dec 23 2022 Winners

Here are the most current Florida Pick 2 Midday Results for Friday, Dec 23, 2022, disclosed by Florida Lottery Authority.

FL Pick 2 Midday Dec 23 2022 Results



Get Fastest FL Pick 2 Midday Dec 23 2022 Results Summary

The table contains the conclusive synopsis of the Florida Pick 2 Midday lottery draws which are held on Friday, Dec 23, 2022:

Drawing DateLottery Name
Winning NumberFireBall
Friday, Dec 23, 2022Florida Pick 2 Midday3-18

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Next Florida Pick 2 Midday Live Drawing: –

Dec 24 2022 Saturday exactly at 01:30 PM ET.

FL Pick 2 Midday Dec 23 2022 Jackpot Prize: $50.

Analyze additional common Florida lotteries and exclusive drawing results for Friday, Dec 23 2022 of FL Pick 3 Midday, FL Pick 4 Midday, FL Pick 5 Midday, and more. Keep in mind that Florida Pick 2 Midday is also known as Florida Lotto Pick 2. The winning numbers results on this specific page for this particular day are indistinguishable from the FL Pick 2 Midday Dec 23 2022 Lotto Results on Friday.

Track down here Today Florida (FL) Pick 2 Midday Dec 23 2022 Results & Winning Numbers, and the former 30 days’ winning numbers. You must look over further about 7, 10, and 60 days of exclusive drawings data of winning numbers of the Florida Lottery Pick 2. The table has spotted the Drawing dates, days, past winning numbers, jackpot prizes, and the number of winners.

Moreover, have a look at the Florida Pick 2 Midday lottery winning numbers, numbers of top-scorers, and jackpot awarding for Dec 23, 2022, and for the last week, last month, and also the last year in the table below.

Florida (FL) Pick 2 Midday Past 30 Days Winning Numbers

Drawing DateDraw NamePast Winning NumbersFireBall
23 Dec 2322FL Pick 2 Midday3-18
22 Dec 2322FL Pick 2 Midday285
21 Dec 2322FL Pick 2 Midday3-21
20 Dec 2322FL Pick 2 Midday5-13
19 Dec 2322FL Pick 2 Midday2-52
18 Dec 2322FL Pick 2 Midday450
17 Dec 2322FL Pick 2 Midday9-18
16 Dec 2322FL Pick 2 Midday3-25
15 Dec 2322FL Pick 2 Midday5-73
14 Dec 2322FL Pick 2 Midday8-78
13 Dec 2322FL Pick 2 Midday3-62
12 Dec 2322FL Pick 2 Midday4-15

How To Play FL Pick 2 Midday Dec 23 2022:-

  • To Play the Florida Pick 2 Midday game, select two numbers each from 0-9. It is a 2-digit game.
  • Then, select the play type you want: Straight, Box, Straight/Box, Front Number, or Back Number.
  • Select the amount ($0.50 or $1) you want to play it (all Straight/Box plays are $1).
  • If you want to get more chances to win then add the FireBall option, it can double up the winning prize.
  • You have the option to play FL Pick 2 Midday Dec 23 2022. Therefore, select the draw time: midday, evening, or both.

How To Claim FL Pick 2 Midday Dec 23 2022:-

  • Prizes under $600 can be paid in person instantly by Florida lottery retailers.
  • Prizes equal to or more than $600 can be claimed by secured drop-off inside any Florida Lottery district office.
  • You can claim your prize by mailing your game ticket to the Florida Lottery office.
  • Winners of $600 and above must complete a Winner Claim Form with the required documents proving their identity.
  • Florida Lottery Drawing game prizes must be claimed within 180 days of the applicable drawing date.

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